The purpose of Bahasa Rupa Journal is to publish and disseminate the articles of Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Multimedia which give contribution to the development of knowledge. The name of the Bahasa Rupa in English can be read as a visual language. Visual language is a language whose langue and parole, signifier and signified; syntagmatic and its paradigm are signs or structures of visual signs.

We invite you to submit and collect articles / papers on Jurnal Bahasa Rupa. The collection of articles in the Bahasa Rupa Journal opens year-round and will be published third a year in April, August and December.

The contents of Bahasa Rupa Journal include scientific ontology, epistemology and axiology of Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Multimedia, which includes: (a) visual semiotics, (b) iconography, (c) illustrations, (d) typography, (e) photography, (f) animation, (g) advertising, (h) branding strategy, (i) corporate identity, (j) sign system, (k) logo, (l) printed media, (m) packaging design, (n) film critique, (o) short movie production, (p) cinematography, (q) experimental video, (r) games, (s) the latest applied technologies related to DKV and Multimedia, (t) educational methods in DKV and multimedia teaching, (u) cultural issues related to Visual Communication Design and Multimedia.


Editor in chief

I Ketut Setiawan, S.Pd., M.Sn.

CP/WA : 081 936 460035