Focus and Scope

The contents of Bahasa Rupa Journal include scientific ontology, epistemology and axiology of Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Multimedia, which includes:


(a) Visual semiotics; Iconography; Iconology, (b) Illustrations, (c) Typography, (d) Photography, (e) Advertising and Branding strategy, (f) Corporate Identity,  (g) Packaging Design, (h) The latest applied technologies related to Visual Communication Design, (i) Educational methods in Visual Communication Design teaching, (j) The Science of Design in Visual Communication Design, (k) Cultural Issues Related to Visual Communication Design.


(a) User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX design), (b) Animation, (c) Cinematography and Videography, (d) Digital Game, (e) Interactive Multimedia, (f) The latest applied technologies related to Multimedia Design, (g) Educational methods in Multimedia Design teaching, (h) The Science of Design in Multimedia Design, (i) Cultural Issues Related to Multimedia Design.

To find the detail of each scope, it can be seen here.