Science and information technology (SINTECH) Journal (e-ISSN 2598-9642 and p-ISSN: 2598-7305) is one of the journals managed and published by LPPM STMIK STIKOM Indonesia to facilitate the publication of scientific articles of lecturers in the fields of science related to science and information technology. This name was chosen due to the rapid development of science and information technology in this era and the prospect of continuing to grow. The science and technology developed is not limited to efforts to find and / or develop programs or application / system makers, but also related to the application of programs or systems that have existed in various aspects of life.

We invite you to submit and collect articles / papers on SINTECH Journal. The collection of articles in the SINTECH Journal opens year-round and will be published twice a year in April and October.

Focus and scope of SINTECH Journal includes: (a) Artificial Intelligence, (b) Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, (c) Data Mining, (d) Data Warehouse, (e) Big Data, (f) Data Analytics, (g) Data Science, (h) Natural language processing, (i) Software Engineering, (j) Information System, (k) Information Retrieval, (l) Mobile and Web Technology, (m) Geographical Information System, (n) Decission Support System, (o) Virtual Reality, (v) Augmented Reality, (q) IT Incubation, (r) IT Governance.


Managing Director

Ni Luh Wiwik Sri Rahayu G.,M.Kom. (081237475999)